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Gluten free food boredom is a real thing. Many times, those of us with food issues like to stick to the same foods because we know they are safe and we won’t get sick. I think this is both good and bad.

First, the good….

Eating the same safe foods over and over again is safe. We aren’t going to get sick or feel bad. We know these products like the back of our hands. Grocery shopping is easy because we know what brands are safe. These foods are consistent. Like a great pair of jeans, they fit perfectly and always work.

Eating at the same gluten free restaurants may be good, too. It will allow the staff to get to know you and your needs. They can let you know if they have a new gluten free special or other item they thought of just for you.

The bad….

The boredom of eating the same thing over and over again can be brutal. It is always the same. There is never any change and it may lead someone to avoid eating all together.

Eating the same things over and over again can also cause some issues with your microbiome and may lead to orthorexia or nutrient deficiencies. It also can lead to not eating enough food.

The solution….

There are several options that may help to solve this problem.

Seeing a registered dietician that specializes in celiac disease is great. I saw an RD for about a year and paid for it out of my own pocket. She always had new products, new recipes, and new suggestions for safe foods to eat. She opened my eyes to a lot of products that I had previously ignored.

The internet has thousands of web sites for recipes. My favorites are regular recipes that can easily be converted to gluten free with a couple of minor swaps. Swapping in gluten free soy sauce for asian food recipes. Most of the time less than a cup of flour can be swapped for gluten free flour without ruining the recipe.

Marinades and sauces for proteins can make a huge difference. For example, plain chicken breasts or thighs can be done a variety of ways. When I really get desperate, a little sharp cheddar and Sweet Baby Rays can turn normal chicken into “Cowboy” chicken with a side of baked beans. “Asian” chicken has been marinated in soy sauce, brown sugar, and garlic then served with rice and broccoli. “Greek” chicken has been marinated with lemon juice, oregano, and olive oil then served with a greek salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, olive oil, lemon, and oregano.

The conclusion…

Finding and fixing dinner every night is really, really hard. I’ve been feeding my family gluten free dinners for over 7 years. I am always experimenting with new flavors, new techniques (smashed, fried red potatoes are my new obsession), and my family complains because they want some old favorites.

Just get in the kitchen and try some stuff. I don’t like to admit it, but occasionally, I have to throw out a meal because one of my food experiments went horribly wrong. Those nights, we patronize our favorite gluten free restaurant and move on!

PS – Smashed fried red potatoes go like this – bake small red potatoes until soft. While warm, smash with the back of a fork or spatula until flat. Then fry in some oil until crispy. The texture is fabulous!! I was doing a search to link a recipe here – but smashed red potatoes are a thing and I didn’t even know it!!!

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