Leaky gut

Leaky gut or the idea that the gut is overly porous and things that should be contained within the digestive tract are leaking out into the body causing disease. This is a common idea in the pantheon of Facebook groups, naturopathic doctors, functional medicine, chiropractors, and other less traditional medical arenas. But is it legit?

The Case for a Blood Test only Diagnosis

I know. Again, I've gone crazy. I am an advocate for proper testing for celiac disease. I think people should get a 100%, ironclad diagnosis that will never be questioned in the future - there are just too many benefits to having an ironclad diagnosis. However, we all know I take risks. I have been thinking about why someone would not get a comprehensive diagnosis. Let's explore why someone might not want to complete the diagnostic process.

Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) is a disease that is the skin manifestation of all the damage we have in our small intestines. There are many, many misconceptions about DH and we are going to talk about them all here today.

Infectious disease increases TTG IGA in non-celiac children

Today's topic is about how infectious diseases in children can cause temporary false positives on the TTG IGA and EMA IGA. Because of this the emphasis on proper testing and making sure a complete diagnostic work up is really important, especially for children.