• EPI and Celiac

    Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and celiac disease may be common cohorts. Today we will discuss the pancreas functions, what EPI is, and what the research says about celiac and EPI. Continue reading

    EPI and Celiac
  • Boredom

    Gluten free food boredom is a real thing. Many times, those of us with food issues like to stick to the same foods because we know they are safe and we won’t get sick. I think this is both good… Continue reading

  • Gluten introduction and babies

    Expecting a baby is nerve racking and exciting time. Parents can begin to introduce solid foods at 4 to 6 months. For most, this is a very exciting time. But for those with celiac, moving to solid foods can be… Continue reading

    Gluten introduction and babies
  • Feeding a crowd on the cheap!

    Now, feeding a family or even worse, hosting a party or other gathering with a large number of people can be hard. I want to let you know I fed 10 people with leftovers for less than $65. We had… Continue reading

    Feeding a crowd on the cheap!
  • Resolutions!

    It is a great time of year to make resolutions. I have several for this year, but they do not involve food. Continue reading

  • Fried Chicken at a Baby Shower

    I ate gluten free fried chicken at a sit down baby shower luncheon! Don’t avoid social situations, embrace them. You never know what might happen! Continue reading

    Fried Chicken at a Baby Shower
  • More Celiac Research in 2020

    Hope everyone had a great time over the holidays! I’ve seen lots of heartbreaking posts about holiday meal miscommunications – someone thought they would have a gluten free meal, but due to last minute changes no safe food was provided.… Continue reading

  • Found new information….

    I found some new stuff today about celiac! Continue reading

    Found new information….