Infectious disease increases TTG IGA in non-celiac children

Today's topic is about how infectious diseases in children can cause temporary false positives on the TTG IGA and EMA IGA. Because of this the emphasis on proper testing and making sure a complete diagnostic work up is really important, especially for children.

Case Study in Celiac remission – Part 1

According to the case study published today, a man with celiac disease, alopecia, and rheumatoid arthritis was prescribed off label Tofacitinib to control the alopecia. He had always been less than strict on his gluten free diet and after starting the Tofacitinib returned to a gluten containing diet. Routine follow up for his celiac disease detected no mucosal damage in the small intestine. Wow! I've got some questions here.....

You asked – I researched….

Yesterday, I had writer's block, so I asked people what they wanted to learn about. Here is the follow up on the remainder of those questions."A new study regarding increased death rates in those with celiac disease just came out - I can't make heads or tails of the information and does a gluten free diet mitigate the risk?" Great question. This is not the first time scientists have found that those with celiac disease have an increased risk of early mortality. This is a fun rabbit hole to go down. It seems that yes, those with celiac disease have a higher overall rate of mortality than the general population, even on a gluten free diet.


A nice person asked me yesterday for advice in living with roommates and a refresher on cross contamination protocols. Roommates pose an interesting problem for those with celiac disease because you cannot control their behavior. You can request certain things and hope they comply, but can never be sure. You have to do your best to stay safe. So, here are some suggestions for keeping safe while living with roommates.