• Top 10 Things I’ve learned having celiac disease, part 2….

    3a. Celiac and her two friends – Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Type 1 Diabetes travel together in families due to common genetic roots. For the people that are the first diagnosed in their family, look for others with Hashimoto’s and T1D.… Continue reading

  • Types of celiac disease

    This might be helpful Continue reading

  • Social Invitations

    How do you handle dinner or social invitations? With friends, they all know about my celiac disease and always offer to accommodate. Whether it is allowing me to pick the restaurant or letting me bring my own food to their… Continue reading

  • Silent Celiac

    To heartiest of celiac patients – those with silent celiac disease…… Imagine if you ate gluten, even large amounts of gluten, and nothing happened. No consequences or symptoms. No diarrhea, constipation, stomach ache, fatigue, brain fog, or any other consequences… Continue reading

  • Raw chicken and cross contamination

    Raw Chicken Analogy for Cross Contamination…. I think I have a good analogy about teaching people to prevent cross contamination while cooking. Think about taking all the same precautions for cooking with gluten that we take with cooking raw chicken.… Continue reading

  • Cross Contamination

    Cross contamination is like to boogey man of living gluten free. We believe that cross contamination is everywhere and nowhere to be seen. But are we getting as much contmination as we think? This study investigates the use of obviously… Continue reading

  • Fall Activities

    Hey Celiac Folks…It’s fall or at least in the southeast, false fall, and it is time to talk about some things fall. A follower reached out to me regarding fall type activities and how safe they are for those with… Continue reading

  • A potpourri of incomplete post ideas

    A potpourri of partial ideas and topics for a peek inside what is on my mind. Continue reading

    A potpourri of incomplete post ideas
  • Toilet habits

    Poop – this post is going to be all about poop. If you don’t want to read, I suggest you stop now.  Final warning…. Here goes…. My digestive system likes to push food through, very, very quickly sometimes. When I… Continue reading