Gluten free food boredom is a real thing. Many times, those of us with food issues like to stick to the same foods because we know they are safe and we won’t get sick. I think this is both good and bad.

Questioning diagnosis…

Things are going well. Rotation of celiac safe meals and restaurants are standard in the house. Grocery shopping is easy because you can real labels like a champ. Symptoms are under control. Then the doubt seems in – is the diagnosis correct? Do I really have celiac? Could they have gotten it wrong?

Gluten introduction and babies

Expecting a baby is nerve racking and exciting time. Parents can begin to introduce solid foods at 4 to 6 months. For most, this is a very exciting time. But for those with celiac, moving to solid foods can be a time a of great concern. If a parent or sibling has celiac disease, there is a much greater chance that the child will have celiac disease. So, when is the best time to introduce gluten containing foods to at risk children?

AMG 714/PRV 015

A new clinical trial is scheduled for what was once known as AMG714. It is now Pro015 due to the licensing and funding agreement between Amgen and Provention Bio.

Wild, wild west

For the most part, I often feel like celiac disease is the wild west. Science knows a lot about celiac disease. It is the only autoimmune disease with a known trigger – gluten. When gluten is removed from the diet, all is supposed to be okay. But many people diagnosed with celiac don’t get to “healthy”.

What to say?

We are all social distancing now, but that will end at some point. I was thinking about what should we say when people ask about celiac.

Big Pile of Mush

I often start to write articles and then something else will pop up – a new study or a question from you all. Currently, I have 34 articles that have been started or never finished. Re-reading this one is sort of like re-reading a journal from years ago. It marks a moment in time. Here is a look into what I was thinking on Valentine’s Day this year!

Gallbladder & Celiac

Many people in the celiac community have talked about gallbladder disease. Is there science that says they are related or is there something else?

New Study & New Drug

No therapies other than a gluten free diet for life exist for celiac disease. The gluten free diet is insufficient for many to induce complete healing. I’m only talking about healing here. Any exposure to gluten causes damage. A crumb of gluten damages the system as if a celiac sufferer had eaten a piece of bread. The only way to improve our situation is participation in clinical trials!

What have I been eating?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve really been experimenting. I’ve wanted to expand what we eat because grilled chicken can only be cooked so many ways. Here’s what I’ve been cooking, including recipes, and how they turned out. I hope you try these out too!