Infectious disease increases TTG IGA in non-celiac children

Today's topic is about how infectious diseases in children can cause temporary false positives on the TTG IGA and EMA IGA. Because of this the emphasis on proper testing and making sure a complete diagnostic work up is really important, especially for children.

Get Tested, Believe the results

I've seen too many posts recently about questionable diagnosis - where blood tests and biopsies don't agree, latent celiac, mild and severe celiac, genetic tests say I could have celiac so I must have it, and my favorite - I feel better on a gluten free diet so I must be Celiac. Ugh. I hate … Continue reading Get Tested, Believe the results

The Challenge of the Gluten Challenge

I have a gluten free diet that isn't ideal, but effective to help with my celiac. So, the drug companies have to make a good argument to me that their drug will help alleviate symptoms and prevent damage to my intestines in order for me to spend my hard earned money on their solution. This begs the question - can someone prove to me that their drug works without a gluten challenge?