Summer and Malt Beverages

It's finally summer and it's hot. Before diagnosis, I would have pulled out a cold BudLight and enjoyed it! Now, there are a variety of spiked seltzers, wine in a can, and a variety of other canned beverages appropriate for those with celiac disease. Let's discuss.

At least a year….

I know it is tough to think about, but ...... It takes a year from diagnosis for people to understand and get the gluten free diet 100% right. It takes a year for celiac blood tests to normalize and sometimes up to two years. It takes a year for most people to start feeling good … Continue reading At least a year….

Mast Cells and Celiac – Part 1: The Immune System

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Mastocytosis are big topics. How these diseases relate to celiac disease is a big, complex interaction. In order to get to specifically how mast cells work, I think I need a basic understanding of some big concepts in the immune system. I've had to go back to learn a lot of concepts about the immune system simply to make sense of the mast cell interactions in the body. I'm sharing my learning journey with you!