Gluten free food boredom is a real thing. Many times, those of us with food issues like to stick to the same foods because we know they are safe and we won’t get sick. I think this is both good and bad.

Gluten introduction and babies

Expecting a baby is nerve racking and exciting time. Parents can begin to introduce solid foods at 4 to 6 months. For most, this is a very exciting time. But for those with celiac, moving to solid foods can be a time a of great concern. If a parent or sibling has celiac disease, there is a much greater chance that the child will have celiac disease. So, when is the best time to introduce gluten containing foods to at risk children?

Diagnosis vs Monitoring

I started writing a post about celiac diagnosis and had a thought. The difference between diagnosis and monitoring of celiac disease is stark – certain tests are used to look for celiac disease and hopefully correlate to damage in the intestines during the diagnostic process, but monitoring celiac has a whole different set of tests. Lemme explain…..