Big Pile of Mush

I often start to write articles and then something else will pop up – a new study or a question from you all. Currently, I have 34 articles that have been started or never finished. Re-reading this one is sort of like re-reading a journal from years ago. It marks a moment in time. Here is a look into what I was thinking on Valentine’s Day this year!

So, today is Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, I updated my love letter to our significant others and of the burdens they endure while being involved with us.

But I want us to realize that we are important, too.


As people with an invisible chronic disease….but as I write that are we? We have a disease that is mostly invisible in the effects from accidentally eating the wrong foods. But eating is a common social interaction. “Having a drink” or “Meeting for coffee” or “Going out to dinner” are all common social interactions. Each of those come with the potential to cause social anxiety for those with celiac disease. So, is our disease really invisible?

Back to where I was going though was that my husband tried to make reservations for Valentine’s Day dinner out. We have a few restaurants he knows are safe. Now, the issue is that on Valentine’s Day all of the newly romantic are out. Unless going to a gluten free restaurant or a mostly gluten free restaurant, I would sit this one out.

Cross contamination is a big issue in the celiac world. A super busy night in a restaurant is not the time to expect them to be able to accommodate special requests and get it right. And even worse, most restaurants do a price fixed menu so there is even less chance to make modifications.

We have to be smart. Our health and safety are important. We have to realize that the world will not bend to our needs. Finding a way to live our lives to the best of our abilities with our limitations on what we can eat and drink is all we can do.

Thanks to the ever supportive husband

But really, the reason I’m a pile of mush is because my husband planned ahead. He found a restaurant where I could eat and made a reservation for us. He found their gluten free menu and thought it would be okay. What he forgot was that everyone and their significant other would be out, their price fixe menu was not gluten free, and service is always horrendous on Valentine’s Day.

So, I’ll enjoy my flowers, cook a delish dinner, and we will go out on February 15th.

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