I’m Back!

I took a break, but now I’m back.

Sometimes life gets in the way of my blogging hobby. I was sick at the end of last week. I had a raging headache and exhaustion for 4 days. Not sure why. I didn’t introduce new foods. No eating out. I had not changed my routines. Nothing. Then after binge eating on Friday and a two hour nap on Saturday, all was better. The headache went away and I finally had some energy again.

These episodes happen often to me. I will feel ill for some unknown reason. Tired, headachy, and cranky are the symptoms that are most common. A nap or some extra rest and the “illness” will lift just as suddenly as it came on. Not sure why or how. My husband gets super angry because there will be evenings when I swear off cooking dinner in the evening because I don’t feel good. Then I can get up the next morning to play tennis and be fine. My “episodes” have no rhyme or reason or discernable pattern. No, they aren’t related to my cycle.

I struggle to believe that these episodes are celiac related. These episodes seem unrelated to the foods I eat or the amount of rest I get. I’m just not sure.

So, there may be times where I just have to take some time off because I just can’t do it that day.

With all of that being said, tomorrow there will be more on mast cell disease and how it may or may not relate to celiac disease.

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