Two New Drug Entering Trials Soon

Two companies have applied to the FDA to start clinical trials.\ in late 2019 or early 2020.

ActoBio Theraputics just received FDA approval to begin clinical trials on their new drug AG017 in Phase 1b/2a in the US and Europe later this year. They will enroll 42 patients. AG017 is an oral medication. It involves Lactococcus lactic and a immune modifying cytokine to help restore gluten tolerance.

Ankion just acquired Kanyos. Kanyos has KAN101 which is another immune modulator. Ankion just completed a Series B fundraising for $40m specifically to fund the KAN101 clinical trial. The application to the FDA regarding clinical trials for this drug should be submitted by the end of 2019. There isn’t much more out there about this stuff.

Note that the two companies coming out with FDA trials have a few things in common. They all have similar strategies for attacking celiac and Type 1 Diabetes. They are immune system modulators targeting the specific areas (CD4+ T-cells) causing damage. So, maybe they are onto something, we will see what is up.

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