AMG 714/PRV 015

A new clinical trial is scheduled for what was once known as AMG714. It is now Pro015 due to the licensing and funding agreement between Amgen and Provention Bio.

Can celiac go away?

Fat Celiac, you have gone crazy – celiac disease cannot go away. Maybe it can. Bear with me, read the…

Stem Cells and Celiac

Stem cells can cure Refractory Celiac Type 2 – but that is celiac you don’t want!

How to order GF in a restaurant

Well covered territory, but new suggestions on how to order gluten free in a restaurant.

Certified gluten free – not 100% gluten free

What does the gluten free label and certified gluten free label mean in the US? Let’s find out. According to…

Why do I need a diagnosis?

I read this a lot. I used to think it was unimportant. Now, I’m not so sure. Having celiac disease…

Pot Luck Hell

Pot lucks are lovely events. Until someone has a food allergy, food sensitivity, or celiac disease. They turn into minefields…

CBD Oil, Marijuana, and Celiac

Let’s talk about celiac, CBD oil, and marijuana.

Stages of Celiac, part 2

So, you got the diagnosis of celiac disease. Congratulations! There is finally a name to the awful stuff that has…

TG2 New Cure Pathway?

New understanding of celiac