• Can celiac go away?

    Fat Celiac, you have gone crazy – celiac disease cannot go away. Maybe it can. Bear with me, read the whole article, read the supporting documentation, and then let’s have a conversation about it. You may reach a different conclusion… Continue reading

  • Ongoing Nutrient Deficiencies

    Yes, people with celiac disease have nutritional deficiencies. Many times the deficiencies are found at diagnosis and can even lead to the investigation of celiac as the root cause. However, it was thought that once people were on a gluten… Continue reading

  • shhh…a gluten free diet doesn’t help

    shhhh….Gluten free diet doesn’t help healthy people Continue reading

  • How to order GF in a restaurant

    Well covered territory, but new suggestions on how to order gluten free in a restaurant. Continue reading

  • Why do I need a diagnosis?

    I read this a lot. I used to think it was unimportant. Now, I’m not so sure. Having celiac disease means a lifelong gluten free diet. Right now there are no medicines or any other cure, just a major lifestyle… Continue reading

  • Pot Luck Hell

    Pot lucks are lovely events. Until someone has a food allergy, food sensitivity, or celiac disease. They turn into minefields of torture with buried bombs of gluten everywhere! The only way to not get sick is to not participate but… Continue reading

  • ADA and Celiac

    Discussion of the Americans with Disabilities Act and celiac disease. Continue reading

  • Stages of Celiac, part 2

    So, you got the diagnosis of celiac disease. Congratulations! There is finally a name to the awful stuff that has been happening in the body and now what? Well, this is part 2 of my series on the next Stages… Continue reading

  • Half full or half empty

    Look at celiac with new eyes. Continue reading

  • Fired UP!

    Snark monsters beware! Continue reading