Why to participate in celiac disease clinical trials?

here are a variety of clinical trials out there for those with celiac disease. Some are observational – where you just report to the researchers what you ate or how you felt. Some are investigational – where they are testing a new drug or treatment for celiac disease. Some require gluten ingestion, some don’t.

Not Everything is Gluten Related

I still have gastrointestinal issues and rarely do I believe it was due to gluten. I ran into a brick wall with doctors saying I was healthy but I still felt awful more days than I should have.

AMG 714/PRV 015

A new clinical trial is scheduled for what was once known as AMG714. It is now Pro015 due to the licensing and funding agreement between Amgen and Provention Bio.

Can celiac go away?

Fat Celiac, you have gone crazy – celiac disease cannot go away. Maybe it can. Bear with me, read the…

Refractory Celiac

Refractory Celiac (RCD) disease is something many of us worry about. We worry because we know with each cross-contamination or each mistake with an ingredient while cooking, we are potentially one step closer to this disease. But it seems to be a much more serious and different, but related disease to Celiac.

32% of gluten free food in restaurants contain gluten

32% of gluten free food in restaurants contain gluten – but there’s more to it!