CBD Oil, Marijuana, and Celiac

Someone sent me a message asking me to look into it and I did. This is a pretty controversial topic for me. Here’s what I’ve found.

Just a note here, I try to publish information on this site from legitimate, peer reviewed journal sources. When I do, I provide the links so that you can go and read the source materials yourselves. Sometimes, I use less reliable and less stringently reviewed information but I always try to note the limitations of these particular types of studies. Often I use anecdotal information to spark a post but I rarely use it as “source” material.

Let’s talk about the difference between marijuana and CBD oil. They both come from the hemp plant, but different varieties of the hemp plant. The hemp plan that marijuana has THC which is the chemical compound that makes you “high”. The other hemp plant that produces CBD oil does not have THC. Marijuana is illegal in most states. Some states allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for certain diseases like, Crohn’s or colitis. In Georgia, one cannot obtain a prescription for medical marijuana for celiac. Your state may be different. To my knowledge, CBD oil is legal in all 50 states.

Cannabinoids are the active chemical in CBD oil and marijuana that can help in the body. Cannabinoids are more common and concentrated in CBD oil. There are two receptors that receive the cannabinoid enzymes – CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are common throughout the body, but concentrated in the brain where they help with coordination, movement, mood, and pain. CB2 receptors are common in the immune system affecting inflammation and pain. There seem to be a significant number of CB2 receptors in the small intestine.

I found one study that said people with undiagnosed celiac disease smoke more marijuana than those with diagnosed celiac. But beyond that, there aren’t many studies regarding marijuana use and celiac disease. There are currently no studies with CBD oil and celiac disease.

Now, we’ve got the basics. We know there is little verifiable scientific proof on whether CBD oil or medical marijuana help with celiac disease. I’m going to focus on CBD oil for the remainder of this post because I can’t write a prescription for medical marijuana. Scientifically, this is where things get a little shaky. We are going to talk about anecdotal evidence because there isn’t anything else.

Reading many articles about CBD oil and various posts, CBD oil is nothing short of a miracle cure. The posts range from CBD oil cured my celiac disease and I can eat gluten again – which is IMPOSSIBLE. (Either these people weren’t properly diagnosed and I cannot say this is valid in any way. Do NOT attempt this.) Many say that they were losing weight but I started CBD oil, I got my appetite back, and started gaining weight. Some say it helped them sleep and calmed their anxiety. When you read the CBD oil web sites or posts, it is a miracle and can cure almost anything that ails you.

I tried CBD oil for a few days. I bought a high-quality oil, from a reputable company, and tried it. When I went to the store to purchase it, they suggested that I try an increasing dosage until I found something that worked. Maybe I didn’t give it long enough or take enough to let it work, but I didn’t notice a big difference. I was also a little nervous taking it.

I’ll start it again Sunday for the week and let you all know how it goes. I’ll commit for a week and hope for the best!

For me, this is in the category of, its not going to hurt so why not try it? It might help, but it might not. I worry that this is a bit of snake oil. When something can cure everything that ails you without scientific studies to back it up, it makes me worry. I worry this is just another “magical” supplement that won’t work.

So, check back in a week to find out what happens!

I’m not a medical professional. You should check with your doctor before attempting this or anything that differs from your current treatment plan.

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