Been missing….

Sorry everyone, I’ve been missing writing about celiac disease. With the election, life, a new job, and a tween that is making me crazy, I’ve been remiss in keeping up with this blog.

My new goal is to write once or twice a week rather than daily simply because I cannot keep up with daily blog posts. Other things have taken over and I just cannot do daily anymore.

Writing about celiac issues is important to me. This blog is a place where I talk about issues that I don’t see often on other blogs or social media sites talking about celiac. I also have worn out my husband and my family in my ongoing rants and raves about celiac disease.

I want to talk about new drug trials, research on various celiac disease topics, offer advice on how I try to handle living with the disease, and occasionally, ranting and raving about hard it can be to live with this disease. I typically don’t talk about specific products, unless they are food related and certified gluten free.

I will not provide lists of ingredients that may or may not be gluten. I’m not going to talk about gluten free shampoos or body lotions – not because I don’t use them, but because they aren’t necessary. You can find those anywhere.

My goal is to cut through the fear mongering and less than accurate information found on much of social media. I got tired of fighting the battle of misinformation in the celiac groups and started this blog.

So, bear with me, as I make this transition and move to writing less often. But my commitment is to stay true to putting positive, well researched, easy to read information that is helpful to everyone living with celiac disease.



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  1. Thank you for all you do! I have celiac now for 6 mo. At 76 years old it’s been one hell of a surprise. I am looking to get in a research program. I live in wildwood , Florida.

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