Plea to eat whole foods

There is a lot of discussion about whether something is gluten free or not in many online groups. Often someone will post a picture of an item and say, “Is this gluten free?” Some responses say yes, some responses say no, some will say I eat it without issue, and others will say that it makes them sick everytime. In my mind, that isn’t a rousing endorsement of the product.

Often times I see people online say that they just got diagnosed with celiac and what is the best bread, pizza, pasta, cookies, and chips to replace the gluten options in their diet. I made the same mistake. I started my gluten free diet by replacing many of my gluten filled items with their gluten free counterparts.

That was a MISTAKE. First of all, gluten free foods don’t really taste like their gluten friends. Second, most people don’t know enough about gluten free eating when they are diagnosed with celiac, so they will make significant mistakes. Third, gluten free foods are loaded with additional fat and sugar.

For me, I use gluten free processed foods as a treat. A gluten free pizza on Friday nights so I don’t have to cook. A frozen egg roll here and there – but for the most part, I cook gluten free meals every night for dinner. Sometimes they aren’t sexy, like last night – leftover pork loin, salad, and rice. It is healthy, filling, light, cheap, and gluten free.

I came across this list below. There are only a few changes to make this list gluten free. Oatmeal, cereal, dry pasta, and canned soup would have to be gluten free and the cost would go up by probably 50% on those items to make them gluten free. That puts a family of 4 eating for two weeks for less than $100 per week. It probably won’t be gourmet meals, but they will be healthy, inexpensive, and easy to cook. Also note that there isn’t much processed food in there. And there isn’t milk for your cereal – probably need a gallon of milk a week.

Anyway, eat whole foods. They are cheaper and better for you than anything that comes in a box!

Also, in my Covid-19 pandemic buying I bought some of those dried potatoes that you put water on to plump up then cook them in the oven with a seasoning packet. Well I made it one day. I’m not a food snob, but that wasn’t food.

So, just eat whole foods, your gut and your wallet will be happier.

Also, while we are still experiencing this pandemic please wash your hands, practice social distancing, wear a mask if you have to go into public, and follow the instructions from your public health officials.

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