I am grateful for a lot of things and some of them are even celiac related. I’m going to talk about them today!

I am grateful for my diagnosis. My diagnostic process was short. I said to the GP that I think he should run the panel. He said it is very expensive and I said run it anyway. All 6 tests were significantly out of range. There was no doubt. He said go gluten free and follow up with a gastroenterologist. I did go gluten free, but it wasn’t until a year later that I had the endoscopy with Marsh 3b damage that still existed.

Without the diagnosis, goodness knows what would have happened or how many dead end paths I would have been on.

I am grateful that people try really hard to accommodate my needs. People really try to help me out. On my tennis team, we provide snacks for the opposing team. We all chip in and someone caters. Each week, there is something I can eat and I am grateful that people are kind enough to think of me.

I am grateful that I have been gluten free long enough to know that I can make just about anything I want gluten free. Granted, I’m not going to get a french bread like the gluten kind, but I know how to make it or buy it (specifically, in the case of french bread.) Now, my diet is not terribly different from what it was before I went gluten free. We maybe had a few more convienence foods, but for the most part I cooked. We might have been able to go to more restaurants, but again, that might be a blessing more than a curse.

I am grateful that I have several restaurants that are nearby and safe. I have one certified gluten free restaurant within 5 miles and another within 1.5 miles that their menu describes what isn’t gluten free rather than what is gluten free. I have several gluten free bakeries within 10 miles. I’m flush with safe gluten free options and I love it!

I am always grateful when someone invites me to an event and they remember I need gluten free options. I always call ahead to remind them I need gluten free options and ask if I can be accommodated. If not, I decide if I really want to attend. Many times I eat before the event so I know I won’t be hungry.

I am grateful when someone gives me a gift, even when it is food I cannot eat or a gift card to a restaurant I cannot eat. I am grateful that they thought of me enough to get me a gift. I can always take it to my husband’s office and they can eat it. I can always re-gift the item. I will always smile and say thank you. I will never, ever tell someone they made a mistake by getting me something I cannot use.

I wanna get snarky here because I am angry today and I’m trying to turn it around by talking about the grateful stuff. But today is hard. I’m fighting with people on facebook about stuff that doesn’t matter and I shouldn’t. So, I’m sorry today I’m a little discombobulated. I’ll be better tomorrow.

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