Why do I need a diagnosis?

I read this a lot. I used to think it was unimportant. Now, I’m not so sure. Having celiac disease…

Social Interactions with Celiac disease

We all leave our houses at some point and have to interact with the outside world. We have to interact with people when ordering food at a restaurant, talking to friends and family about what we can and cannot eat, and we have to talk to strangers about our disease. What words do we use? How do we describe our disease?

GEMMs needed!

Information about a research study for celiac disease trying to understand how celiac disease develops in the very young.

Feeding a crowd on the cheap!

Now, feeding a family or even worse, hosting a party or other gathering with a large number of people can be hard. I want to let you know I fed 10 people with leftovers for less than $65. We had red beans and rice, shrimp creole and rice, and Against the Grain Bread.

Celiac can overrun your life – don’t let it.

Another pep talk here – celiac disease can overrun your life. My husband says that every time I’m around other people we end up talking about celiac.

Probiotic Myth

This may make a lot of people angry, but I’m not so sure probiotics are the helpful tool we all think they are.


It is a great time of year to make resolutions. I have several for this year, but they do not involve food.

More Celiac Research in 2020

Hope everyone had a great time over the holidays! I’ve seen lots of heartbreaking posts about holiday meal miscommunications –…


Why I’m grateful today!

NCGS vs Celiac

What is the difference between NCGS and celiac disease?