A plan for the first year!

Eating plan for the first year being gluten free!

The Challenge of the Gluten Challenge

I have a gluten free diet that isn’t ideal, but effective to help with my celiac. So, the drug companies have to make a good argument to me that their drug will help alleviate symptoms and prevent damage to my intestines in order for me to spend my hard earned money on their solution. This begs the question – can someone prove to me that their drug works without a gluten challenge?

Celaic & Diabetes

What does celiac have to do with diabetes? A lot really – read more to find out!

Eating Disorders and Autoimmunity

Autoimmunity and eating disorders have a bidirectional relationship – if you have one you are more likely to have the other!

Cross Contamination Update

More information on cross contamination and how to prevent it!

Celiac and Cancer risk

Is cancer something a celiac needs to worry about?

Rules of Celiac

Eleven rules every celiac should live by.

Sometimes I feel like…

Sometimes I feel like I talk a lot about the same things – proper diagnostic process, eating gluten free, living your life, and having a bit of a sense of humor about this whole celiac thing.

The Celiac Flare

Discussions of a celiac flare – what it is and how to cope.

Celiac and Money

Discussion of money in celiac research and recommendations for saving some money on gluten free groceries.