Hard to find a picture of a prince – so we have a frog!

I’m starting to think about the search for a celiac cure is like dating. When I was dating, I thought of it like I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found Prince Charming.

We all know Prince Charming. The guy that has everything – money, charm, gorgeous, and is perfect for you in every way. We all know that frogs, while lovely, are not perfect. They have warts, live in ponds, and in general are not thought of as particularly desirable.

Today, I learned that the second drug that I was really excited about failed in clinical trials. Nexvax was my first love and AMG714 was my second. Both went down in flames. Nexvax stopped their clinical trial because they were not achieving the desired outcomes. The final results aren’t out in the Nexvax trial, so we don’t have any details. AMG714 failed in helping those with RCD2 and regular celiac patients with villous atrophy, but helped with diarrhea as symptom of celiac.

I almost feel like I’ve lost my two big loves. I feel disappointed and not sure where to turn next. I know I will find a new drug to love, but I’m just not sure where or how.

I also have that other drug Larazotide acetate currently in Phase 3 trials. I feel like Larazotide acetate is that guy that keeps calling for dates. I don’t want to date him. He’s nice and might fill the loneliness for now, but I don’t see a future. I never ended up liking them and I always broke their hearts. They felt like they had a chance, but really never did. Maybe this will be different and I hope so.

I know Prince Charming is out there. A medicine that will allow me to eat a regular diet and have a healthy gut. That is what I want – a cure.

I might even settle for a drug that will let me not suffer from cross contamination on occasion. I would even be okay if there was something that would stop the symptoms but still cause damage for use on vacation or so I could travel to some exotic Asian location without the need to worry about the soy sauce in everything. Or fish and chips in the UK without having to find a specialty shop. Or a baguette and cheese in France. Or Duck Doughnuts in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Or even Gunshow in Atlanta. Just things that are not possible with this stupid, effing disease.

So, instead of wallowing, I have to move on. I have to find a new love and a new hope. I will say this – I read one of the presentations from the International Celiac Disease Symposium in Paris this year. One of the CEO’s of a research company believes there will be a cure on the market in the next 3-5 years. I hope he is right. If he isn’t, at least we have more shots at a cure than we ever have had in the past!

Also, let’s make sure we are able to keep this research going. They can’t do research without volunteers. If there is a study near you that you think you could do without too much interruption in your life – please strongly consider it.

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  1. Marc Avatar

    I looked at the topics at the ICDS and did a google scholar search. I searched the topic and author name and had to read the papers.

    Good article! I guess that’s the way it goes. There are a lot of faliures before a cure is found. I was wondering where you found one ore maybe presentations from the icds. I couldn’t find anything.

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