At least a year….

I know it is tough to think about, but ……

It takes a year from diagnosis for people to understand and get the gluten free diet 100% right.

It takes a year for celiac blood tests to normalize and sometimes up to two years.

It takes a year for most people to start feeling good on a gluten free diet after years of damage from celiac disease.

It takes at least a year for damaged villi to heal in most adults.

A year seems like a long time, but when living it, it goes quickly. We often jump from holiday to holiday while the day-to-day grind marches on around us.

When the celiac diagnosis hits, it is like a bullseye on the calendar. It is a date that is marked and remembered every year. It is a date that is etched into the mind because it begins a radical shift in lifestyle.

Then the grind of the first year begins. It is a year of firsts.

The first trip to the grocery store looking for gluten free foods that often ends in tears.

The first taste of gluten free bread, pasta, or pizza that brings disappointment because it isn’t the same.

The first time going out to eat fearing that every bite will bring pain.

The first time explaining to friends this new diagnosis and what it really means.

The first time declining an invitation because of fear of gluten contamination.

The first, inevitable mistake of gluten ingestion.

The first return to the doctor for the follow up visit filled with questions and often receiving less than informative answers.

The first time waking up feeling good for the first time in a long time. This is why someone does it. This is why we endure all the social, emotional, and financial burdens of celiac disease. Health and wellness is the goal!

For most, it takes a year to get to better health. So, give yourself a year of patience, learning, and making mistakes to get to a better place and it will all be worth it!

One thought on “At least a year….”

  1. Pleased to hear you have a diagnosis and that you are on the road to better health. I have had to eliminate gluten from my diet myself. Drs always say I have ibs. The blood test always comes back negative for celiac, but I think it is due to me taking gluten our of my diet to eliminate the pain and to free myself from the bathroom. I’ve given up trying to make my point. Even after eating gluten 6 weeks before a blood test it still comes back negative. Would I be doing anything else even if my blood test came back positive? I don’t know. I know I feel well when I don’t eat foods containing gluten.

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