I am updating all of the information on active clinical trials right here! I hope you can find something of interest and are willing to participate. Not all trials involve drugs or consuming gluten so find one that suits you and sign up!!!


Kanyos, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anokion, has started phase 1 clinical trials for their drug KAN-101. The trial is looking for 36 volunteers with DQ2.5 and on a gluten free diet for more than 12 months in Baltimore, MD. Refractory celiac and wheat allergy are exclusionary factors for participating in this clinical trial.

The drug works in the liver. The liver is exposed to anitgens. Some antigens are harmless, like gluten. Some antigens are harmful, like flu or COVID-19. Exposure to the anitgens causes activation of T-cells. T-cells can be inactive, tolerant, or cause cell death. The KAN-101 looks to present a antigen to the liver in order to re-train the immune system to recognize gluten as harmless.

Really, they don’t go into much detail about how they do this on their web site, so this is what we have.

Here is a link to the study and a link to the press release regarding the study. Here was my first post on KAN-101.


ImmugenX has started Phase 2B trials of latiglutenase. They have locations in Rochester, MN, Chatanooga, TN, New York, NY, and Chesterfield, MI. One of the exclusion criteria for this is any probiotics six months prior to randomization or a diagnosis of IBS – which is interesting.

Latiglutenase is “orally administered mixture of two gluten-specific recombinant proteases that degrades gluten proteins into small physiologically irrelevant fragments.” The drug is most effective in seropositive celiac patients in reducing symptoms of gluten ingestion. The drug has not been proven to improve recovery in the small intestine. This Phase 2b trial is a attempting to prove whether or not the drug allows for the small intestine to heal.

Here is a link to the website to see if you qualify to participate in the trial. Here is a link to the clinical trial information on ClinicalTrials.gov. Here is a link to the press release talking about the implementation of this trial. A post of mine on latiglutenase.

Gut Microbiome study

In Ventura, CA, ProgenaBiome is looking for people diagnosed with celiac disease. The study wants to sequence the microbiome. The primary goal of the study is to “better understand how the genetic information in subject’s microbiome correlates to the information provided in surveys and in medical records.” Here is a link to the study. I’m going to email them to find out more.

Larazotide Acetate

The only drug in Phase 3 trials. We all know about my difficulties with this trial. Right now http://www.celiac-study.com is not even reachable. This study infuriates me. This should be a study I’m excited about, but I’m not. If you are in this trial or have participated, please feel free to reach out. But for right now, I’m exceptionally disappointed. I’ve written a lot about laraoztide acetate, too. Here is all that I’ve written. Here, here, here, and here.

Those are the biggies as of today. As more infromation comes out, I will let you all know.

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