I wanted to let you guys know what the guidance is to GI doctors regarding COVID-19. There can be some gastrointestinal symptoms that appear before the respiratory symptoms. Specifically they say, “The incidence of GI symptoms including nausea and/or diarrhea are uncertain with some reports below 5% and others at 50%.3,4¬† ¬†There have been some reports of isolated diarrhea preceding cough and fever.”

While many of us have nausea and diarrhea often, note that if you have nausea and/or diarrhea before onset of fever and cough, please contact your doctor’s office regarding a potential infection.

Also many endoscopies and colonoscopies are still taking place. Please let your doctor know if you have one of these procedures scheduled and have nausea and/or diarrhea.

Here is what the doctors are reading. Just something to keep in mind and stay safe out there!

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