Thanksgiving Recipe Advice

Just a few suggestions for Thanksgiving recipes….

  • There are “Cream of ….” soups out there. They aren’t as thick as their gluten filled counterparts, but will do in a pinch.
  • There are frozen gluten free pie crusts.
  • If making a chocolate dessert, gluten free sandwich cookies with the cream filling scraped out crushed with some butter makes a fine chocolate cookie crust.
  • Mashed potatoes are typically gluten free – even the ones you buy at the store. It is hard to make them not gluten free.
  • As an alternative to dinner rolls, Gluten free Cheddar biscuits are always a treat – the ones from Aldi or the ones from Red Lobster. Most people won’t even know the difference.
  • All the sweet potato casseroles I’ve seen have little to no flour, so it is great to replace the little bit of flour with gluten free flour safely.
  • Turkey is typically gluten free – just watch for the toppings or glazes. Many are even labelled gluten free.
  • Ham is typically gluten free – again, watch the toppings or glazes. We like an apricot jam put on the ham at for the last 30 minutes of cooking – gives it a nice glaze and some sweetness.
  • Stuffing and dressing (stuffing made in a pan outside the bird) is a hard one. A gluten free box is a great way to go on this one. It is easier and maybe once you get the hang of it can try an alternate, but let’s not make this one too hard.
  • Desserts – there are alternatives to pumpkin pie – or even a crustless pumpkin pie. Apple crisp, pumpkin souffle, or even chocolate pies or a flourless chocolate cake is the way to go here.

Beyond the food, remember Thanksgiving is about spending time with the ones you care about. While it seems most of the holiday revolves around food and it does, really, we should enjoy time with our friends and family.

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