I always feel like going to the Gastroenterologist is like a pop quiz. I wonder if I ate gluten free enough to ensure my follow up celiac tests are normal. Always hope that there is no damage in the small intestine or colon. But until the results come back, I won’t know how I’ve been doing.

I took the quiz yesterday. I got both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy yesterday. I survived the colonoscopy prep, which is never fun. Had an uneventful procedure with lots of biopsies taken in my stomach, small intestine, and colon.

The doctor talked to me and my husband and said that he didn’t see anything concerning. I got the procedure notes. I keep all of the procedure notes and was able to compare them to previous notes. Not much has changed.

But sometimes you have a bad feeling about things. I shouldn’t. I don’t have any reason to have a bad feeling. No reason in the world for me to be worried.

I could spin out of control on some of this. I could research every word on the procedure notes. I could stay up late thinking about it. I could….but I’m not going to.

I cannot. It takes too much energy to worry that much. I don’t have that much energy. I’ve got other things to focus on.

I don’t know what is going on and I need to just wait for my “grade” to come out.

So, I’m going to simply move on. I will write more when I am in a better head space.

Tomorrow, we will focus on some science!

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  1. Aizaz alam Avatar
    Aizaz alam

    Hi i have celiac disease from 1 year and my left side in abdomen is always swell when i eat sonething also when i drink water too i don’t know what happened to me

  2. John Triplett Avatar

    The same thing happens to me

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