A couple of things today

I’ve got two things to talk about – my celiac is mine to deal with and a lack of celiac friendly options for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday. I have a mother, am a mother, and an aunt as well. My sister and I were searching for gluten free take out Mother’s Day options to help my husband. We looked at probably 50 restaurant’s Mother’s Day specials. Places that normally have gluten free options. High end places that would have food that is normally easily modified to be gluten free. Places that are normally 100% gluten free, many of these specifically were closed due to the virus. Of the fifty or so restaurants we checked out, we found exactly ZERO with gluten free Mother’s Day to go options. ZERO.

Someone asked me about two weeks ago how I thought restaurants would handle gluten free dining moving forward. I was not optimistic about the idea that restaurants moving forward would continue to offer gluten free options. This is not a good sign

Please tell me that in your area you are having better luck where you are than I did!

Your triggers are yours

Second, I found a post on Facebook where someone says, “Your triggers are your responsibility. It is not the world’s obligation to tiptoe around you.”

This strikes to the heart of having celiac disease. Because celiac only affects about 1% of the population, we have to take care of ourselves. Expecting others to understand or be able to accommodate celiac disease is asking for a lot. Our job is to educate those around us how best to help and accommodate our needs.

Think about how long it takes someone newly diagnosed with celiac to really get the hang of living gluten free every day. Now, imagine how hard it would be for someone that only occasionally has to deal with gluten free eating. It is nearly impossible to get right.

It is a hard and lonely journey – but we are a hearty bunch.

Here’s the last bit – you don’t have to accommodate a$$hole. That jerk that puts something in your food on purpose that they know will make you sick – just to make sure you are telling the truth. Yeah, you can call them out and should stand up for yourself.

Now, I have to fight with my son about completing some homeschool assignments. Wish me luck. 🙂

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