Finally – socializing without food and far away from each other!

As I sit here and write, most restaurants have gone to drive through, delivery, or pick up only. I gotta say, this is an idea situation for us!

What the heck, Fat Celiac, you’ve lost your mind once again. Maybe, but let’s think about this.

We won’t be invited to people homes for meals. That means no awkward conversations about what we can and cannot eat, what celiac disease is, why just a little bit is too much, and the inevitable I’m sure you bought all gluten free foods, but your kitchen is covered in flour all the time.

We won’t be able to go to restaurants because they are all closed. That means no calling ahead, furiously checking menus, discussing our disease with the waitstaff, and the often inevitable disappointment from the gluten reaction later.

If I feel ill from a glutening or just don’t wanna go, nobody will be angry because I cancelled at the last minute. They will assume that I am protecting them from potentially contracting this awful virus. Sounds like a win-win for us!

Gluten free shelves are still almost fully stocked at the grocery store. Most other aisles were decimated at the grocery store, but not the gluten free aisle. Now, I did go for GF flour and there was only 1 small bag of Cup for Cup left, but the rest of the gluten free aisle was mostly unscathed.

This pandemic seems to satisfy a lot of social situations for us! I didn’t realize lockdown would be great!

I’ve been walking the dog. Texting more people than I normally would. Calling friends. Riding the kid’s bikes. Baking. Cooking. Cleaning. All the things I don’t have time to do when we are in the normal daily routine of our life.

So, while some of this is tongue-in-cheek, please stay safe out there. Staying gluten free during this pandemic is just as important as not contracting the virus at all. A lot of the social stigma that we have to deal with has been removed by the simple idea that we are supposed to stay away from each other. Take advantage of the time and use it to the fullest.

I also saw someone say that they wanted to eat gluten in order to ramp up their immune system in preparation for exposure to the virus. This is not the right attitude. If your body is fighting itself, then it is unable to process the nutrients to give you the energy to fight off the virus. Think about how awful you feel when glutened and then add onto that a gnarly virus. That is just asking for disaster. Please don’t.

The easiest way to remain gluten free during this pandemic is to eat whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, unmarinated proteins, eggs, root vegetables, Bush’s beans, rice, and quinoa. If eating frozen vegetables, please make sure to read the label to ensure they are gluten free, but they are another awesome way to increase your nutrition. Use processed gluten free foods sparingly or as a treat. Maybe, you will find yourself healthier at the end of this pandemic by removing all the junk gluten free foods and eating whole foods.

As always, follow the instructions of your public health officials regarding remaining safe including obsessive hand washing and social distancing.

Thanks and stay safe out there.

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