KumaMax, Tak101, and a new Pill Cam

Some new information from Takeda regarding their focus on celiac disease and their progress. This information is from their quarterly report specifically the section regarding GI diseases.

KumaMax is currently in a Phase 1 clinical trial in Anaheim, CA. They are testing healthy patients and patients with celiac disease to determine proper dosing and side effects with KumaMax. They are supposed to wrap up this trial in January 2020, which would lead me to believe they have all of the participants they need. That is great because in August, they were still looking for participants with celiac disease.

In their information, gluten was greater than 95% degraded when contents of the stomach were aspirated 30 minutes after eating a meal with 3g of gluten. This is cool. They also claim it eliminates all T cell responses to gliadin (the actual gluten protein name that causes us problems). This is pretty powerful stuff!

In addition, there is the Cour pharmaceuticals nanoparticles technology global distribution has been acquired and is now called TAK101. After administration of the drug, activation of gluten reactive T-cells was reduced by greater than 85%. It also seems this is a long lasting drug and results seem to last 3 months or longer.

There also may be a new pill cam on the market with the support of artificial intelligence. This again is a new piece of information.

There are lots of new technologies that are coming out to help celiac disease patients. I’m looking forward to whatever they put out.

Here’s the link to where I got this information.

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