I try really, really hard not to get into social media fights with people. Rarely do I feel better after having argued with someone on social media and I know better. But sometimes, I cannot let it slide. I couldn’t let it slide a few days ago.

My attitude about celiac disease

I read a lot of blogs, research, and general information about celiac disease. I have a very practical approach to celiac disease. I’m going to live my life and do my best not to let the celiac disease affect it too much.

I have a few hard and fast rules. For example, gluten-free pasta and pizza made at a non-dedicated facility are a hard no for me. There is simply too much risk of cross-contamination. I have a shared kitchen where I do most of the cooking. All of my cooking is gluten-free, except occasionally, I will make the gluten-eaters a gluten-filled lasagna in their designated gluten pan.

Ignoring a lot of posts

Much of the time I scroll past posts that are providing misinformation. I’ve learned that fighting about the misinformation isn’t going to change their mind. It will simply make me mad and I try to remain calm. Recently, I posted an article from BeyondCeliac.com regarding wines being gluten-free. There is an exceptionally small chance of gluten contamination, and the article confirmed that. The person replied to the article saying “Thanks for confirming wine has gluten.” Made my head explode and instead of writing an answer, I simply let it go.

However, when someone recommends something that may cost them money, I cannot ignore it. I did just get into it with someone about stainless steel pots and pans. Their argument was that if the pots and pans were scratched, the item had to be replaced. I disagreed.

Stainless steel is impervious to contamination. STainless steel forks, knives, and spoons are common If stainless is not okay, one can only use single-use, disposable silverware.

Daily all over the world washed stainless steel surgical equipment is used. Blood does not permeate stainless steel nor does gluten. Gluten containing items can be cooked in stainless steel pots and pans. Gluten will not permeate stainless steel. Scratched stainless used with gluten-containing items and once properly cleaned – going through the dishwasher – can be used again.

Benefit of the doubt

This is an instance where someone got information and halfway processed the information. They heard all pots and pans should be replaced after diagnosis to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. The poster didn’t really think it through. I’m going to assume that they truly don’t understand.

I always try to give posters on social media justification for what I’m saying similar to what is in this blog. The science about celiac disease is out there if you go look. Go look!


Social media is great but it has given rise to a bunch of false information. Especially in the health and wellness sphere, everyone is an expert.

One could even argue, I think of myself as an expert. I don’t see myself that way – I see myself as a gal that reads a lot of information and shares it in this blog. Posts supported by research are what I try to provide. I admit when I’m wrong. I don’t blindly follow what someone else has told me unless they can back it up with proof.

So, I want everyone reading this blog to think carefully about the things they read on social media. Make sure to justify with facts from reliable sources before spouting off half truths. Don’t blindly follow what someone says just because everyone agrees. Use the powers you have to find good answers.

Heck, ask me, I’ll do the research.

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  1. Linds Avatar

    Thank you for all your time and research

  2. Gregory J. Jordan Avatar
    Gregory J. Jordan

    Thank you for all of your research and information. You are a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us!

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