It’s another Random Thoughts Day

Sometimes I have a variety of thoughts but none of which are big enough to create an entire article. So, here goes…..

Booze – I like certain drinks in the summer and others in the winter. I’ve been drinking a lot of Tito’s, lemonade, and a splash of grenadine in the evenings. For parties or a time where I have to drink all day I like a Pino Grigio with Peach Schnapps and sprite with a peach garnish. Also, Drunken Celiac is still cooking in my brain. It will come but I have to go to Miami tomorrow and get somethings ready for the weekend. Look for it soon though!

Sharing – Many of us have events where snacks are provided. Most of the time we don’t eat because we don’t trust someone else to be able to provide a gluten free snack that won’t make us sick. When it comes to our turn to provide snacks, I sometimes get really, really frustrated and angry. Nobody fed me, why I should I provide food for everyone else? That is the small petty part of me. I can provide an inexpensive gluten free snack that won’t break my bank or take a lot of time. If I don’t plan to eat, one of my favorites to provide is pasta salad – pasta, pesto, and cherry tomatoes – cheap and easy. If I plan to eat – that changes with the season. Lately, I’ve been bringing Watermelon, Feta, and Arugula salad, cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto, and brownies topped with nutella, chocolate chips, and hazelnuts if you can find them.

Publix Aprons Recipes– I’m bored with food, again. Thank goodness I went to Publix last night. I picked up a recipe card and all ingredients for cooking – all gluten free and should take less than 20 minutes. I’ll cook it Sunday and let you know how it goes.

Dog and Cat food – I know lots of people have started buying grain free dog and cat food. There have been stories recently of dogs dying suddenly and they think it is because of the switch to grain free dog foods. I know dogs aren’t humans, but I worry if this could indicate some future unknown problem in humans, more specifically celiac patients.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits – Stupid Red Lobster and Walmart got us all excited about the gluten free Cheddar Bay Biscuits and I haven’t found them in-store or online yet. If you found them online, please post a link!

Need for drugs and/or cure – I’m ready. I’m ready for something to help us. I found an article on talking about a high school boy, in high school, that won an award for his work on a novel peptide that would break down gluten. We will see how this works.

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