This week in gluten free eating!

Lots of people have a hard time with gluten free eating. I am a simple cook and want to have dinner on the table in less than an hour and preferably 30 minutes. This is what we are having in our house this week for dinners.

Monday – Bratwurst with cole slaw and plain Lay’s potato chips.

Tuesday – Turkey Sloppy Joe Baked potatoes. Here’s the recipe.

Wednesday – Grilled, marinated chicken thighs (make more than needed), rice (make more than needed), and roasted green beans wrapped in bacon. Marinade in soy sauce, rice vinegar, and brown sugar – taste the marinade before using so that you like it. Make double the recipes for chicken and rice for tomorrow.

Thursday – Chicken fried rice and egg rolls. Use the leftover chicken and rice. Use frozen peas and carrots and shelled edamame for vegetables. Use an onion too. Cook all veggies then add rice to warm through. Add chicken to get everything warm and serve. I use the Feel Good Foods chicken egg rolls for me and gluten ones for the gluten eaters.

Friday – Pizza night! Normally frozen.

Saturday – Date night.

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