How to order GF in a restaurant

Well covered territory, but new suggestions on how to order gluten free in a restaurant.

The Celiac Flare

Discussions of a celiac flare – what it is and how to cope.

A note to my friends about Celiac

I wrote this as an article you can share with your friends regarding Celiac and what it is like. Hopefully it is a good basic description and general primer on the disease for our friends.

Why do I need a diagnosis?

I read this a lot. I used to think it was unimportant. Now, I’m not so sure. Having celiac disease…


Lots and lots of research is being done on the microbiome. Let’s talk about it a bit and how it…

Queen Latifa and Cigna and Celiac

Queen Latifa has started doing ads for Cigna asking you to “tell your doctor everything.” When I do, they better listen!