Gluten Free @ Aldi

Here in the US, Aldi is a discount grocery store. They carry some gluten free products during the year. But during May, they really ramp things up.

I went to Aldi about a week ago and loaded up! I bought cheddar garlic biscuit mix, doughnuts, fresh pasta, frozen General Tso’s chicken, cheesecakes, lemon cake mix, and more. The best part is that all of that cost me less than $100. Totally stoked right!!!

As a general rule, I don’t eat much processed gluten free foods. I will buy a bag of gluten free cookies or a loaf of gluten free bread that will last me two weeks or longer. I also was diagnosed with Celiac disease over 7 years ago, so I’m very good at adapting recipes or just eating regular food. I will buy a bag of chips or ice cream – I eat processed foods, just not many compared to the rest of the world.

So, I’ve been binge eating my convenience, processed gluten free foods. I’ve also been paying for it. My bowels haven’t been right. I’ve been off. More tired and gastrointestinal distress that is more than normal. The only change is really all of the new processed foods.

For me, eating processed foods makes me feel awful. I can’t do it. I’m going to partition and freeze the remaining gluten free specialty items. I will eat them over the next few months, but I just can’t take it.

I would also say that if you are new to this gluten free lifestyle – for whatever reason, try to eliminate all processed foods. It is cheaper, healthier, and will give you a better chance of feeling better.

Here is what we had for dinner last night. I used Aidells Chicken and Apple sausage for the chicken sausage. My husband and I loved it, the kids not so much.

I will get back to publishing what we eat on a weekly basis, hoping I can help others know that they can eat gluten free without resorting to a ton of processed foods.

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