Bored with food – until today

Because of my Celiac, we eat the same things a lot. I cook simply, most of the time with fewer than 10 ingredients and the 10 ingredients is pushing it! I’m typically not a sauce girl either. Sauces make a big difference making boring food better, but I can’t figure it out.

I make a lot of rice, potatoes, grilled veggies, and grilled or roasted meat. I have virtually the same breakfast every day too. Lunch is normally dinner leftovers. Boring, boring, boring….

But today I was amazed. There is a new restaurant that is certified gluten free – THE WHOLE RESTAURANT! They had fried chicken arepas, meatloaf, roasted chicken, collards, cowboy caviar, asian chicken salad, doughnuts, brownies, just an amazing array of gluten free foods that were all safe. They had 30+ items that are made fresh everyday! I ate gluten free pasta for the first time – a spaghetti salad with a spicy vinaigrette and sauteed spinach.

I understand this is a unicorn among restaurants. This restaurant is a special place in a big city of restaurants. I am lucky that I have 2 gluten free restaurants within 20 minutes of my house – one close by for fried stuff and this new one that is a little further with healthy stuff. My sister just found another one that is even a little further that is 100% gluten free that we will try next weekend!

Anyway my point is, yes, I live in a big city, but there are options out there. I think there are more coming. Keep looking and keep the faith that more will come.

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