Easter Menu

Lots of people are stressed out about Easter menus, especially if newly diagnosed. Hopefully, this simple, easy menu can help alleviate some stress.

BreakfastAsparagus and goat cheese quiche with potato crust. Here is a trick for the crust, buy Simply Potatoes grated potatoes. They are pre-shredded gluten free potatoes that I use to make the crust. It saves a bunch of time using these rather than shredding your own potatoes. To make the crust crispy, bake the potatoes until lightly browned before putting in the egg mixture. Also, this can be made ahead of time and warmed. Delicious breakfast with mimosas!!

Easter Meal

  • Ham with Apricot Glaze – Buy a plain ham (without brown sugar or other glaze packet), prepare per instructions. However, during cooking place apricot jelly over ham. Baste as needed.
  • Mashed potatoes OR Scalloped Potatoes– The scalloped potatoes does not use any flour – only cream, perfect for us!
  • Deviled Eggs – My son’s favorite. Again, each family has their traditions with this and I wouldn’t suggest using anything other than your family’s recipe.
  • Peas with Lemon and Mint – Buy frozen peas for this one, just confirm the peas are gluten free. They’ve gotten me once.

DessertFrozen Lemon Bars I had some gluten free graham cracker crumbs from Christmas. You can get gluten free graham cracker crumbs on Amazon via this link.

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