What if it doesn’t work?

I’ve put a lot of thought into what happens if Nexvax works. Even what gluteny awesomeness I’m going to eat. I’ve even put some thought into other drugs working.

But what if none of these drugs work? Or what if some of these drugs work for just symptoms and don’t stop mucosal damage? What happens then?

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the holy grails of pharmaceutical research. They believe firmly that amyloid plaques cause Alzheimer’s. Many companies, like Pfzifer, Eli Lily, Merc, and AstraZenica, have tried and failed to find a drug that will help Alzheimer’s patients. According to an article from CNN, Biogen has stopped development of their drug that had promising results in Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials, but stopped Phase 3 trials because an independent audit revealed the drug didn’t work.

In reading in more detail, this Alzheimer’s drug is targeting amyloid plaques. According to an article from biopharmadive.com, “The idea is that misfolded beta-amyloid proteins, which research suggests repair communication between nerve cells, end up congregating around the brain and forming sticky plaques that cause neurodegeneration. ” This has been the prevaling theory of how Alzheimer’s works but now that theory is in jeopardy.

So, all of these companies spent millions of dollars for a drug for an estimated US population of 5.5 million people. Celiac has a 1% – 3% estimated rate in the population or between 3 and 5 million people in the US have it. Approximately the same number of people and none of the big drug manufacturers are looking at it. I guess the big drug manufacturers will let the little guys to the work and then buy the company once the drug is approved.

Why am I talking about this failed Alzheimer’s drug? Because I worry about Celiac drugs. There are lots of theories and some pretty solid science behind what happens in Celiac disease. Someone eats gluten, the body mistakes self for gluten, body attacks self, and you get mucosal damage that leads to a VERY wide range of symptoms. Recently, a study has shown that some of the damage done by Celiac is irreversible and that the immune system is permanently damaged by Celiac. Scary stuff, right?

We’ve already had one drug, Latiglutenase, that is doing a Phase 2 gluten challenge study investigate both systematic and mucosal prevention – in other words, you don’t have symptoms and no mucosal damage. Larazotide acetate is planning to start Phase 3 trials this year. Larazotide acetate is looking to solve the “leaky gut” problem leading to Celiac disease.

Hopefully, these drugs will be successful and allow us to move forward toward a more healthy life. I’m going to do more research today about Latiglutenase, Larazotide acetate, and Amgen 714 today. I’ll write in detail about them tomorrow.

Links to resources

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