Sometimes I feel like…

Sometimes I feel like I talk a lot about the same things – proper diagnostic process, eating gluten free, living your life, and having a bit of a sense of humor about this whole celiac thing.

Certified gluten free – not 100% gluten free

What does the gluten free label and certified gluten free label mean in the US? Let’s find out. According to…

Why do I need a diagnosis?

I read this a lot. I used to think it was unimportant. Now, I’m not so sure. Having celiac disease…

Poo Talk….

I’m going to talk about my bathroom habits and how they have changed over the course of the last year. If you don’t wanna talk about poop – this may not be the article for you!

Found new information….

I found some new stuff today about celiac!


Lots and lots of research is being done on the microbiome. Let’s talk about it a bit and how it…

What if it doesn’t work?

But what if none of these drugs work? Or what if some of these drugs work for just symptoms and don’t stop mucosal damage? What happens then?