Survey about food during the pandemic

Doing research for articles today, I came across a survey regarding food during the Covid-19 pandemic and food insecurity. Not much research has been done regarding those with celiac disease and food insecurity. Even less has been done regarding those with celiac disease food insecurity during a pandemic!

Food Insecurity

Each of us experienced different levels of food insecurity during the pandemic. I read many posts about gluten-free bread, pasta, and flours being cleared out of grocery store aisles. Job losses during the pandemic put pressure on families to find inexpensive gluten-free items.

Manufacturers were unable to keep up with the demand for products. A few manufacturers stopped producing gluten-free items in favor of gluten items because of demand. They could use gluten-free production lines to produce gluten-containing foods serving a wider audience.

The survey attempts to determine if food insecurity for those with celiac disease occurs at the same rate as those without celiac. Note that food insecurity is not being able to find your favorite gluten-free pasta. Food insecurity is about not being able to afford your favorite gluten-free pasta.

At My House

I am the only person in the house that is gluten-free. Any meal I cook is gluten free but we are not a gluten-free household. I couldn’t find gluten-free flour during the pandemic, but that was about it. We don’t eat a lot of specifically formulated gluten-free foods. I buy potato chips. The chips are gluten-free, but they aren’t what I would consider a specialty item. I would consider gluten-free cake mix or gluten-free flour a specialty item.

We did not experience a big interruption in how we eat. I cooked more and made some adjustments. Frozen broccoli or corn replaced fresh broccoli and corn in recipes. Bacon and eggs replaced waffles, pancakes, and Rice Chex. I didn’t eat many Feel Good Foods chicken egg rolls or potstickers. Instead, I made lettuce wraps with gluten-free hoisin and soy sauce. Minor shifts that nobody really noticed.

I think my reliance on a mostly whole foods diet saved us during the pandemic. My family didn’t have to relearn how to eat and deal with a pandemic at the same time!

Survey Link & Conclusion

If interested, take the survey by clicking here.

But really, I hope you didn’t experience food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you did, I hope that is over now for you and your family.

I do donate gluten-free items to our local food pantry. Please consider doing the same in your area.

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