Random Thoughts

Today I’m a little scatter brained – kinda like the picture. Packing to go out of town will do that for a girl, but here are my random gluten free thoughts for the day.

I’m still working on the genetics thing. I will probably write more about it later but it requires some concentration I just don’t have right now.

Packing food to go out of town. What do you pack? I can get protein, rice, potatoes, and vegetables at any grocery store in America. What are the things I really need? The things I might not be certain I can get anywhere else? Gluten free soy sauce and gluten free flour blend – that’s all. Gluten free soy sauce – it is vital in marinades, makes rice taste good, and you can’t find it everywhere. Gluten free flour blend – never know when you might need to coat a piece of chicken, whip up a batch of brownies, or anything else. That is all. Everything else I can get there – aluminium foil, corn starch, potato chips, and White Claw are the only other vital things I need at the beach.

Allowing other people to cook meals for me while I am on vacation in a shared house is extremely anxiety inducing. Did they bring gluten free ingredients? Did they wash their hands after making their sandwich? Did they, did they, did they – and it is a balancing act. I deserve a vacation from cooking too. I don’t watch them cook like a hawk, but I pay attention. I haven’t run into a problem yet, but I remain vigilant.

I’ve bought the equipment to start podcasting. I think you all will like it. I have an idea to do it every day or even once a week. I’m not sure how that’s going to play out yet, but we will see.

I will be on vacation next week and have an 8-10 hour car ride tomorrow. I’m going to sort through this genetics thing again and get my head around it again. It easy to understand but confusing and I want to get it right for you all.

I will also be looking for more information about drugs and drug trials, so look for that too!!

Big week coming up!!

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