100+ Posts – Thank You!

I’ve posted over 100 times. I’ve posted about drug studies, rants about things that made me mad at the time, talked about social issues affecting those with Celiac, descriptions of diagnostic processes, information about my participation in the Nexvax clinical trial, and personal stories about my journey with this disease.

This whole page came about because I wanted everyone to get a front line view of the Nexvax clinical trial. I believe in Nexvax. Even though I had a breakup with the trial, I still think it did wonders for me. I felt better. I looked better. My body just worked better while I did the trial. I think it is the cure we’ve been waiting to have. I could be wrong – that’s just what I think. The data will prove me right or wrong.

In writing this blog, I’ve uncovered a couple of other drugs that are my favorites and some I’m going to wait for the data to see if it is any good. I’ve also seen some things that have fallen flat and haven’t been as good as I had hoped.

What has surprised me is the impact that my small Celiac Awareness posts have made. Those posts have been shared, and shared, and shared again spreading the word about our disease and how it impacts us. Just little factoids that we all know as Celiac patients, but the world doesn’t know. I may just keep putting them out there hoping to keep up the awareness campaign.

As Celiac Awareness month approaches its official end, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you to all of those putting their bodies on the line in clinical trials. Thank you to the parents with Celiac children who fight to keep their children safe in the world and gluten free. Thank you to the friends that bring gluten free treats to me. Thank you to the families and friends of the Celiac sufferers who support and love them. Thank you to the significant others who help us navigate this gluten covered world.

Let’s move into June knowing that there are drug trials underway for Celiac and that some day soon we might have something more than a gluten free diet to help us navigate this gluten filled world!

I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the end of the school year, trips, and other things. I’ll get back to more regular posting so that I can keep everyone up to date.

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