Why do I need a diagnosis?

I read this a lot. I used to think it was unimportant. Now, I’m not so sure. Having celiac disease…


Lots and lots of research is being done on the microbiome. Let’s talk about it a bit and how it…

Tummy Ache

Today I have a tummy ache. I want to curl up on the couch like the picture and just go to sleep. I’ve been a little off all week. I’ve eaten at home every day, so no risk of gluten exposure. I haven’t even had any processed foods for the last 5 days, only whole foods and proteins.

Note to the significant others that support us!

Today, I wanted to write a note to our long suffering significant others. Our significant others put up with a lot. Though we are entering a time of education and awareness for our disease, I thought a note of compassion for those that support them was due.