AMG 714 – Helps RCD2

I’ve talked about AMG 714 in the past. Here’s the first article about AMG I wrote a few months ago. Now, it seems there will be results from the initial trial of AMG 714 with two people with Refractory Celiac Disease Type 2.

There are two types of intractable Celiac disease divided into Type 1 and Type 2. Only 1%-2% of those with Celiac will be diagnosed with Refractory Celiac. Refractory Celiac Disease Type 1 is more common and less dangerous. Refractory Celiac Disease Type 2 is exceptionally rare. It is an extreme form of Celiac. The type of RCD is determined by the number and type of abherrant intraepithelial lyphocytes. Its complicated and if you want to know more about how they decide what kind of RCD it is, here’s a great article.

So, RCD2 is really, really bad and rare. They found 2 people – one on the east coast and one on the west coast that are suffering from RCD2 and gave them AMG 714. According to
Fernando Leon, PhD, a cofounder of Celimmune and author of the upcoming study results, “We showed that anti-IL 15 was able to ameliorate or reduce the effects of gluten consumption in celiac patients.”

Now, they’ve only done this study on 2 people that were really, really sick, but this is good stuff. Here’s the other thing, this drug has already run the FDA approval gauntlet for rheumatoid arthritis. I’m not sure if that means it could come to market faster for Celiac disease, but I sure hope so.

It looks like they are going to start testing this drug for Celiac patients in 2020.

Here’s the other interesting thing Leon said in this article,
“I think we’re going to see the first drugs in celiac in the next four to six years.” Heck Yeah!

We will be looking for more information on this study and more details about their clinical trials coming up.

Gluten Free Living posted this information this morning and here is a link to their article. As more information comes out about this drug, we will keep looking at it.

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  1. I have RCD2 and I was in the trials in 2016/2017 and the results I have been unable to obtain. However I was feeling a lot better than than I did. But since the trials I have lost weight. I have had RCD2 for the last 6 years, at the moment I don’t know what will happen over the next couple of years. But hooray to AMG714.

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