Last minute, afternoon BBQ

We just got invited to my husband’s ex-fiancee’s ex-husband and new wife’s house for a late afternoon BBQ on Saturday.

As you might guess, I cannot call them up and let them know about my crazy food issues. (Yes, I called it crazy because to most of the world how careful we have to be is crazy.) I don’t have any relationship with the hosts and my husband is only distant acquaintances with them.

So, what to do?

I have a bit of an excuse. My son has and activity that will keep us away from being there at dinner time, but we will still make an appearance. I hope they save some food for my son, but I get to go through the whole rigamaroll about how I have Celiac and I can’t eat, blah, blah, blah

When they offer me food, I will explain that I had a late lunch and am so stuffed I can’t possibly put another bite of food in my mouth. Then they will say, but I’m sure its gluten free. I’m sure it is, I’m really, really full, thank you.

Anyway, so I am going to eat before I go or after I get home. I will take a cooler with what I’m going to drink.

As a side note, I went to a funeral on Tuesday. There was a reception after with sandwiches, cookies, tea, and lemonade. I stayed for the 15-20 minutes, but left because I was starving. My friend knew about my food issues and understood the reason I left. (Thanks Shelly!) I didn’t want to be there as the only person not eating.

Celiac teaches you how to take care of yourself. Nobody else is going to take care of me. Very few people understand how difficult this disease really is socially and physically. I feel often like we are on a dinghy at sea and really thirsty. There is water everywhere and we can’t drink any of it! Often times, there is food all around us all the time and we cannot eat most of it.

So, that is how I will handle it and it will all be okay.

Next week, I’m going to look at drug studies again. I keep checking on the drug studies and haven’t seen any new information come out. So, I keep checking, just so I know.

2 thoughts on “Last minute, afternoon BBQ”

  1. Love ya Kell. We are in this battle with you to better understand the challenges celiac patients face every day. Knowing how easily food can be crossed contaminated makes it easy to see why you need to skip out on dining with friends . No one would give a second thought on someone avoiding peanuts or shellfish. You have to look at gluten the same way for a Celiac. It is dangerous and causes serious health issues. I just keep hoping research will come up with some answers and relief for you. Hugs!!

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