Cure by 2021?

A CURE BY 2021!! What!?! Wouldn’t that be awesome.

Vienna University of Technology has a new solution for Celiac disease according to a press release from September 2018. They have created a bacteria that will connect to the gluten protein blocking thus protecting the system from the gluten molecules. They say that the molecule (probably in pill form) will be taken with food and is expected to be available in regular pharmacies by 2021.

Couple of things – this hasn’t been tested in humans and I cannot find a current study in This has been studied in chickens and their gut mucosa was undamaged after taking this medicine and significant amounts of gluten. But because this might be considered a “supplement” rather than a true medicine, maybe they don’t have to do studies through Even though this might be coming from Vienna, many other studies in foreign countries are listed at

Also, they say that this drug will be in “regular” pharmacies. So, pharmacies outside the US are different than pharmacies in the US. There are lots of options in pharmacies outside the US that are not available here, so I’m not sure how this will work in the US. Or will this be in the “supplement” aisle without FDA regulation and protections. I just have more questions.

Here is a link to the article with all of the technical details. I don’t understand all of the chemistry and biology described in the article, but if you do, there is the link. 😉

That’s all I’ve been able to find out. Again, not much information, but that is all I’ve got at this point. As I find more, I’ll post more.

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    1. It didn’t, obviously. I don’t even know where this product is because there is no name associated with the product. If I’m not mistaken, this could be ZED1227, which is working its way through clinical trials now.

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