School is back and so am I!

It’s been a busy year. Covid, virtual school, starting a new job, and this blog has taken a back seat. But I think about celiac disease too often to let my thoughts go unpublished. 😉

Celiac disease shades everything I do. When I go into the office for work and order food for everyone, we have a select list of safe restaurants I will order lunch from. We were on the way home from the lake and the kids were STARVING. So we got a fast-food lunch. I ate a bag of Cheetos and a Coke until we got home. We were at the pool and someone was passing out cocktails. None for me because the drink had a beer in it.

We all have good days and bad days and many in between. I want to maximize the good ones and survive the bad ones.

But lately, the original impetus for writing this blog has re-emerged – my constant desire for more information about celiac disease, ranting about crazy ideas have about celiac disease, and eating good gluten-free food. Besides my family, the celiac disease takes up a lot of space in my brain.

My blog will look a little different than in the past. I’m hoping to add in more posts about my experiences navigating the world with celiac disease. Clinical trials and new research information will come out, it will simply be less frequent because those take a long time. I’m going to add more information about what I eat on a daily or weekly basis as well. I’m going to utilize Instagram more too.

That’s my plan for moving forward. Thank you for being patient with me. This blog is simply a hobby rather than a job for me. So, I do it when I can.

So, look for me and keep me in mind as I dust off my research muscles and start researching and posting again.

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