Year anniversary!!

About a year ago I started this blog. I know a year already!!

I initially started it because I was unhappy with the information being posted in the celiac Facebook groups. When I started the Nexvax clinical trial, it morphed into posting about my experiences in the Nexvax trial. With Nexvax over, the site has evolved into a site with scientifically supported research information, clinical trial information, promote advocacy for better legislation to help us lead safer lives, information for meal planning and gluten free eating, and sometimes I rant and rave about stuff I see in the Facebook groups.

I write about topics that interest me in the celiac community. I hope to provide information that everyone can use in their day to day lives when dealing with this disease. I don’t always get it right. I do make mistakes and when I do, I try to correct it. The first example I can remember, is thinking that the gluten free food market place was shrinking. Instead it is expanding, rapidly.

I always want to hear about what is important to you. Thank you to to the people that send me messages with articles about celiac. More often than not, they turn into information on my blog. So, keep those articles or information coming because they always help improve the site.

To those of you that have just found me – welcome. I hope that you continue to find good information moving forward.

To those of you that have been around for a while – thank you for believing that this blog is important enough to read it every day or at least as often as I post. 😉

Celiac is hard. It is a difficult diet, can be socially isolating, and challenging to fight on a day to day basis. There is no pill to swallow to make it easier. Some days I have tough days – just like everyone – and I try to write about those days too. Because we all get down.

For the most part, though, I try to keep it positive, focused on accurate, scientific information, and hopeful. I hope that there will be something on the market in the next 5 years to help. It may not be a cure – return to a gluten diet – but it certainly will be something that can help.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and I just hope I can help!

PS – I thought about another site – Drunken Celiac. Posts on Thursday about drinking with celiac disease. Cocktail and appetizer recipes. What’cha think?

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