Fecal Transplant Update

So, I got an email back about the clinical trial in Hong Kong regarding fecal transplants.

It didn’t have much information, but the fecal transplant will only take place at the Price of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong. And that you have to go to an initial consultation with the doctor there. However, there are costs associated with the initial consultation which is different than trials here.

Here are the costs associated per an e-mail I received:

Regarding the cost estimation, please kindly find the followings for your reference:

1.         Consultation Fee: $925 – $2,780 (depends on the complexity of the case)

2.         Medication:         Depends on the needs according to consultation

3.         Blood Test:           $800 or above (depends on the test items)

So, there doesn’t appear to be money for travel expenses and you have to pay for your own tests, etc. This is different from how this sort of clinical trial works in the US. Also, they could not tell me how many visits would be required for participation. They said it would depend on the disease.

I can provide more information about this as information comes out, but this is not financially feasible for my family. I might have been able to swing a flight and hotel room, but not paying for additional tests, etc.

This is cool, but sort of a dead end for me until the trial results are published and it isn’t as sexy as the tapeworm trials in Australia. 😉

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