Wheat Straw Compostable Tableware

Lots of hulabaloo has been surrounding wheat straw straws, cups, and plates.

According to Eco, the one of the primary manufacturer of these wheat straw products says, “We do test for gluten in our wheat straw products and do not market our products as gluten free.”

I’ve talked to two different people within Eco’s customer service. One on the phone and one via email. They both say that their products do not contain gluten.

At this point, I have not run into an issue where I have been glutened or heard about someone getting glutened.

I will have to call in bigger guns on this one. I’m going to refer this question to Gluten Free Watchdog and ask them to test the wheat straw products from Eco.

For right now, I would call them safe. But if you have a wheat allergy, I would be very wary.

Sorry I don’t have more.

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